Xia Chi is a university student who is part of the school's 'Literary Reasoning' society. He is the protagonist of the series and the boyfriend of Qing Zhi who enters the Telencephalon Cosmo in search of her after she disappears.


A young university student with brown hair and green-grey eyes, Xia Chi usually dresses smartly in shirts, suits, ties and dress pants and appears calm and collected. However his clothing changes frequently, especially in and out of games when players must change gear.


Xia Chi is an intelligent and logical student, and among the best players in the Telencephalon Cosmo. His wits, quick thinking and ability to plan ahead always put him one step ahead of the other contestants. He often surprises superiors with unique ways of thinking.

Despite this, he is very honest unlike most of the other players, and often performs extremely brave acts of selflessness, risking his life to save others he deems worthy - sometimes strangers, like when he met Qing Zhi for the first time and lifted a shelf off her body which was crushing her to death, or even enemies such as Chun Xu Xiang, who at first intended to kill him as her target in his second game. He never seeks to harm or trick others for his own benefit and believes working as a team is always better than working alone. However, he is not easily trusting, and can often see through his enemies' malicious plans. He hates to see others suffer and uses quick wits to put a stop to it as soon as possible, such as in the case of his bodyguard I7.

He is also very loyal to comrades, and especially to his girlfriend Qing Zhi, despite her innate fear of men and reluctance to open up to him. Xia Chi is extremely in love with her and goes to extreme lengths to get closer to her and try and convince her to go out with him, such as chasing her ten kilometres in one instance. He risked his life searching for her after her disappearance, which is how he ended up in the Telencephalon.

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Xia Chi appears as a guest in the Rakshasa Street (镇魂街, Zhèn hún jiē) animation hosted by in episode 3 - "Spiritual Person (寄灵人, Jì líng rén)".


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