Qing Zhi is the girlfriend of Xia Chi, and a member of her university's 'Literary Reasoning' society. Xia Chi claims she is the only reason he attends the sessions despite being bored by them, as he wishes to get closer to her. She is somehow linked to the Telencephalon and following a mysterious murder, she goes missing. Her disappearance is what drives Xia Chi to relentlessly search for her, dragging him into the game.


Qing Zhi has a slim build, long black hair with neatly straight cut bangs and large, blue eyes. Like Xia Chi, she dresses smartly in uniform but her clothes change often. She is very shy and introverted, and reluctant to open up to others, so she rarely smiles. Xia Chi is the only person who can make her genuinely smile.

She is very athletic and runs ten kilometres per day on a strict schedule to train her discipline and fitness.


Qing Zhi's closed up personality stemmed from her traumatic childhood experiences of domestic abuse in which she watched her drunken father brutally beat her mother, and the betrayal of a previous lover. Thus she is unwilling to trust men and gets extremely frightened whenever they touch her, even her kind and persistent boyfriend Xia Chi. However upon realising that Xia Chi is different from the other men who betrayed her, she starts opening up to him slowly. She can be very dependent on him at times and often panics and cries when she is in danger.

However, she is a rational thinker and can sometimes come up with unique ideas and theories, bringing her to Advanced player ranking.


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