Meng Qin is a university student who is leader of the school's 'Literary Reasoning' society. He is one of the best friends of the protagonist of the series, Xia Chi and helps him search for his girlfriend Qing Zhi.


A young university student with blonde hair and dark, black-grey eyes with small pupils often showing his excitement, Meng Qin usually dresses in uniform like his peers. However his clothing changes frequently, especially in and out of games when players must change gear.


Like Xia Chi, Meng Qin is proficient at logical reasoning and deduction as well as quick-thinking and witty. He is head of the Literary Reasoning society, and always has interesting and unique ideas in mind for activities, although ironically not always practical. Sometimes people can see him as bossy, as he always asks others to do things for him.

Despite his wits, Meng Qin often overcomplicates simple things and stresses out over tiny logical inconsistencies such as in an exam, where he once scored no marks because he kept critiquing tiny flaws in the question wording. His proficient but fussy style of deduction gives him an A grade, as he is often 'lost in the world of reason'.

Meng Qin is a loud, fun, creative, proactive and sometimes bossy leader. He is loyal too, always seeking to help friends. He is sociable and enjoys having a good time.


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