Die Now (端腦, Duān nǎo lit. Telencephalon) is a Chinese sci-fi horror and mystery manhua series by BiShuiYu Comics (壁水羽漫画, Bì shuǐ yǔ mànhuà) that takes place in the near future. An animation series based on the works has also been produced.

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What is the telencephalon?

If one were to derive the surface meaning of the word, the telecephalon is a living organ made up of both the left and right brain. In this story, it will be used to describe the conflict of the cosmos structure of the huge system that we call Telecephalon Cosmo. The story begins from each mysterious murder that progresses to reveal a huge secret of the entire universe.

From malicious rumored conspiracies to wars that takes place on the milky way, from opposing human 's betrayal to great and noble sacrifices, humans have never been able to understand how outdated, fragile and weak they are and thus humans will then take on the final gamble against its fate.

Plot Summary
A university student named Xia Chi (夏驰, Xià chí), a member of his university's highly intelligent literary reasoning club, is transported into an alternate universe known as 'The Telencephalon' (端腦, Duān nǎo) in search for his beloved missing girlfriend Qing Zhi (晴知, Qíng zhī) following a mysterious murder.

In an attempt to bring her back and uncover the truth, Xia Chi is drawn into an world in which he must use his incredible wits and logical thinking to score points by solving mind-twisting conundrums, competing against other players in the Telencephalon where enemies lurk waiting behind every corner. But he must think fast and act carefully - points are deducted for losing a game, and a negative score means certain death in the real world.

Main Characters
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  • English translated manhua: [2] (dead link)
  • Raw animation: [3]
  • English subtitled animation : [4]
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